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Heule Reining Horses

Hubert Heule has over 20 year of experience training reining horses; specializing in open caliber reining horses and coaching non-pros.  He looks at every horse as an individual and will develop a program for each one tailored to their needs, ability and the owners goals in order to achieve the highest probability of success. 

Heule Reining provides the following training services for local or international clients:

  • Reining Training 
  • Coach 
  • Clinics
  • Reining prospect development 
  • Showing 
  • Lessons
  • Marketing Sale Horses

Hubert is fluent in Spanish, French, Dutch and English and comfortable working with international clientele worldwide. 

Stallion Services

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Consulting Services

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Broker Services

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Clinics and Judging

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Stallion Services

Representation & Management

Heule Reining has successfully been representing, marketing and promoting breeding stallions domestically and internationally since 2014.  Most notably representing Arc Gunnabeabigstar (LTE +$308,000) and Steppin On Sparks (LTE +$100,000) across 3 continents. For the 2020 breeding season Whiz Gata Prize has been added to the roster. 

Heule Reining facilitates stallion owners to overcome the challenges and celebrate the successes of the breeding business. Due to the trends of breeding, experienced representation is the key to success. Even the best stallion in the world needs proper management to have long term success.  Heule Reining creates an individualized strategy based on the stallions strengths and weaknesses. Each stallion represented will have his own program and long term goals based on these factors. Heule Reining is strongly connected in the US and international markets to ensure each stallion’s success.

  • Breeding sales
  • Customer relations
  • Ensure optimal breeding conditions 
  • Selection of the most suitable collection facility 
  • Establish a plan of action 
  • Marketing plan
  • Financial projections 
  • Administration
  • Representation at major events
  • Offspring follow up
  • Daily care, exercise, conditioning 
  • Off season management

Consulting Services

Proven methods to make your vision a reality

Over the past 2 decades Hubert has been immersed in the reining industry around the globe.  Hubert has valuable knowledge from thousands of hours in the saddle, as well as from his peers, and mentors. No matter what your goals are, big or small, Heule Reining can help you achieve success and streamline your way to the top.  

If you are new to the reining horse industry, looking to invest in facilities or livestock but are unsure how to get started or if you have a concept that you would like to develop Heule Reining can analyze and facilitate your vision. If you are already in the industry but are not getting the results you want, Heule Reining can advise on your current stock and make a plan of  action to reach your goals. Dreams do come true!

The success of the highest caliber horse depends on making the right decision at the right time.  Small adjustments in the horses regime can have huge payoffs.

Heule Reining can help you avoid common mistakes by consulting on the following services:

  •     Horse Investments
  •     Show Horse Analysis 
  •     Show Horse Management 
  •     Equine Facility Investments 
  •     Breeding Program Analysis 
  •     Financial Projections

The reining horse industry in the United States is booming.  For foreign investors there are challenges in owning horses in training far from their home. The investor is often unaware of their horses progress (or lack thereof), health, schedule and administration requirements.  HRH has all the experience and solutions to make absentee horse ownership prosperous and stress free.

Broker Services

Matching buyers and sellers

HRH will find the right horse for you.  Ideally located in the heart of the Reining Horse industry HRH has access to horses and potential buyers here and around the globe.  HRH brokers numerous, domestic and international, purchases and sales of high-profile reining horses each year.

Heule Reining Horses can provide you with the following broker services:

  •     Horse Purchases
  •     Horse Sales
  •     Marketing
  •     International Transactions 
  •     Pre-purchase Exam Assistance

Clinics & Judging

Serving the reining community worldwide

A NRHA official Judge, Hubert offers clinics in multiple languages worldwide upon request. His many years of experience training reining horses have given him a wealth of knowledge that he enjoys sharing.  HRH will tailor a clinic to suit the clients’ needs. Clinic examples are: reining foundation for young horses, preparing futurity horses or maintaining aged show horses. Private clinic or group clinics for a fun weekend of reining and learning are available.   

Hubert travels globally to Judge official NRHA approved events. If your association is organizing a show and would like Hubert to judge, please contact us.

Worldwide Inquiries Are Welcome